Strohlife is a blog about the variety of action carried out within the framework of the Stroh project.
Its aim is to share our musical instruments’ “moments of life”, the encounters that are concentrated around them. It is also an occasion to have a look on the other Stroh-type instruments (that sound) all around the world.
If you have any link with/If you are in anyway involved with these instruments, if you have already crossed Song of the Horns on tour, you can suggest a content proposal for an article of this blog, we would be delighted to hear from you and to share it here.
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STROHLIFE : last news


A vol d’oiseau, singing birdhouses on GR®65 footpath

  Construite dans le cadre de Fenêtres sur le paysage avec l’équipe artistique de la Fausse compagnie, et plus particulièrement Carine Henry et Jérôme Bouvet, couple d’artistes qui a imaginé la ...
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Sama Leï

Sama Leï, a project with Lior Shoov ans Song of the Horns

Sama Leï, aventure poétique intuitive Ecouter le désir. Le laisser s’installer en nous, entre nous et avec ceux qui nous entourent. Se sentir guidés par les lieux, les événements, les rencontres, sans ...
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9 – 9bis, an industrial and musical site which sounds for le Chant des Pavillons

During the European heritage days (19 and 20 september), le Chant des Pavillons performed in a very impressive place. 9 - 9 bis is an old coal mining site which ...
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Théâtrophone – Châtellerault, déc.19

December 2019, Vincent Afchain et Maïa Commère were together at Clément Janequin Conservatory with les 3T-Scène conventionnée de Châtellerault. First experimentations in public ! ...
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sonothèque nomade

La sonothèque nomade : Cornet de route #2

Cornet de route #2 : Arles —july 2019   ...
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VibratO, from Gap to Pennabilli by Bauduen…

The summer has not yet to be started but the VibratO’s tour was already like that : hot temperature, a lot of smiles, some adventures with a rented truck (which ...
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Song of the Horns in Amboise (37) – 2019 Tour

A little drizzle and it's another adventure... until next sun rays ! Thanks to Olivier Pain who shared these pictures with us. Facebook: olivierpainreporterphotographe Instagram: olivierpainphotographe   ...
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The Short Story of Audio Recording at La Fête de la Science 2018

Early days of the future creation to come in 2020, The Short Story was at la Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in october 2018. Vincent Afchain and Maïa Commère began to ...
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sonothèque nomade

La sonothèque nomade : Cornet de route #1

Cornet de route #1 : New York (US) —april 2019   ...
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Spring residency in Poitiers for VibratO

We spent a month at Espace Mendès France in Poitiers, greeted by le Lieu Multiple. Tests, writings, drawings, discussions and music… Back in pictures : hearing experiments and vibration operations.   Coproductions : Lieu Multiple - Pôle de Création Numérique de l’Espace ...
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Students of ENSIP take over the work of the ENSIM’s students

We had the opportunity and the pleasure to involve this year again a team of teachers-researchers and two students in the project with our instruments. While the first works of François ...
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Sylvain Lafortune, dancer-choreographer-teacher and…

Jérôme Bouvet told us about Sylvain Lafortune, this meeting was one of the first one that we imagined as part of the Stroh Project. That has now been allowed. In ...
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Well done Shaun Tan…

The illustration doesn’t need any comments, we are just very proud and happy to count Shaun Tan amongst our collaborators. All rights - Shaun Tan/La Fausse Compagnie If you want to receive ...
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Video of the Stroh project-Ogier #5, concert of the 2nd October 2014

Here is a video of this somewhat experimental meeting of artists. Wishing it luck for the future! ...
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Video : Stroh Project – LAUM #6 at the “Expressifs” Festival in Poitiers

Here is a look at this installation/meeting/performance about the story of sound recording. It gives you an idea of how we want to share this Stroh Project with multiple dimension with ...
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Visit of the Charles Cros Collection of the B.N.F. (French National Library)

It was with obvious emotion that we discovered the Charles Cros collection. This collection is focused on sound recording and its first range of machines. As soon as you enter the ...
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From the Paléo Festival to Lowlands

The Paléo Festival is situated in Nyon, Switzerland, beside Lake Geneva. Lowlands is situated in the Netherlands, in a land that emerged from the water very recently… These two festivals are ...
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Concert walk Ni vu, ni connu at Music Museum

The Music Museum in Paris organizes every season concert tours. It proposes to musicians to sound the instruments of its collection; visitors can hear from one room to the other ...
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Recording with Milord

The Strohband participated in the upcoming album of Milord. Two tracks were recorded in the studio of Freddy Boisliveau in Rochefort sur Loire: « Dériver sous la lune » and « ...
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The Stroh in Japan

The beginning of the research on the Stroh instruments led us to the Museum of Musical Instruments of the University of Musashino, Japan. A friend of us living near Tokyo ...
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