VibratO, from Gap to Pennabilli by Bauduen…


The summer has not yet to be started but the VibratO’s tour was already like that : hot temperature, a lot of smiles, some adventures with a rented truck (which has been repaired two times on the road), some ristretti, pasta, roasted vegetables,
a lot of meetings with new people, but also with people that we wanted to see again. All of these things can be resumed in one word :
Happiness (but we are also a little bit tired of course !!).

Gap – Festival Tous dehors, enfin !- Many thanks to all the team of the Théâtre de la Passerelle
Before leaving, we had already begun to talk about futures projects that we could possibly do together. To be continued… And thank to Air Libre for the videos.

Bauden – The Boun’estival – a place with a lot of kind people in the middle of Verdon; with this group of « Plancher des chèvres ».
Congratulation for all of these good vibes and this simplicity of welcoming people.
We have really enjoyed our three days off there, being close to the lake was very nice !! Perfect !!


Pennabilli – Artisti in Piazza – Le Kiosque had never ever before welcomed so many groups of music.
Claire and Thomas of the Chant des Pavillons had found a lot of friend’s faces.
The others fell so in love that they already want to come back again. Big thank to Loredana and David because without
them, the Kiosque would not have found its italian certification.


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