Students of ENSIP take over the work of the ENSIM’s students


We had the opportunity and the pleasure to involve this year again a team of teachers-researchers and two students in the project with our instruments.

While the first works of François Gautier and his students in Le Mans were focused on the “Bridge – bascule bridge – membrane” system, Jean-Christophe Valière and his students of ENSIP were working on the transfer function of the Stroh instruments’ horns. A digital modelling has been realised to compare the theoretical principle and the measurements. The results were very similar!

This work also enables to compare the versions 1 and 2 of the “resonator – horn” system of the Stroh-bass. We could hear the result was audible to the human ears, but we have now a benchmark in anechoic chamber: the intensity level gain of the second version of the Stroh-bass is from 5 to 7 dB in the playing frequencies and a significant increase of nearly one octave in low frequency.

A big hand for Laurent Cadilhac, Robert Kieffer and Christophe Boutin for their work on this new Stroh-bass version,
and many thanks to all the PPrime Laboratory and ENSIP team members and students that took part to this project.