From the Paléo Festival to Lowlands


The Paléo Festival is situated in Nyon, Switzerland, beside Lake Geneva. Lowlands is situated in the Netherlands, in a land that emerged from the water very recently…

These two festivals are similar in size, programming and public. Between 40,000 and 65,000 participants a day, almost 20 different concerts, huge stages… and a street performing arts programme for curious onlookers or people who are fed up with BIG sound.

At the Paléo, the Hive is the area dedicated to street performing arts. We met some friends and did new encounters (the Aquamens, Cie Acquacoustique, Collectif BIB, 2 rien Merci, ect.). This year, the Hive team chose to dedicate the scenography to Shaun Tan’s world (you know, the Australian illustrator we met in Australia…). With an efficient and warm team of volunteers, it was an absolute pleasure! In Lowlands, we did fascinating encounters too (for example De Stilh Want) and above all had really great quality listening, making for some unforgettable moments.


Crédits photos : Peter Venema