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Sylvain Lafortune, dancer-choreographer-teacher and…


Jérôme Bouvet told us about Sylvain Lafortune, this meeting was one of the first one that we imagined as part of the Stroh Project. That has now been allowed. In March, the Strohband spent two wonderful moments in the streets of Poitiers together with Sylvain Lafortune. This dancer/choreographer/teacher was invited by the CESMD (Centre for Advanced Study of Music and Dance) of Poitiers for a two-day training course about « porté » in dance. He has been developing a technique, which enable every dancer to lift or to be lifted smoothly. More details on his website.

After his workshops, Sylvain joined us for an unexpected moment with Le Chant des Pavillons. The night after was full of exchanges about the Stroh project. The idea of a possible collaboration with Sylvain started to rise in our mind…
The day after, Sylvain met us again with some members of his trainee-team that experienced with us (and our instruments) a walk in the streets of Poitiers. Occasionally, they let themselves dancing to the sound of our Stroh instruments. Many thanks to them and Sylvain for having shared these moments with us…



Well done Shaun Tan…


The illustration doesn’t need any comments, we are just very proud and happy to count Shaun Tan amongst our collaborators.

LCP002_Shaun_lightAll rights – Shaun Tan/La Fausse Compagnie

If you want to receive this musical postcard-45 rpm record, send us a message via the contact page…


Recording with Milord


The Strohband participated in the upcoming album of Milord. Two tracks were recorded in the studio of Freddy Boisliveau in Rochefort sur Loire: « Dériver sous la lune » and « La lune dans l’eau ».

Many thanks to Coline Linder who took the pictures and made a musical contribution to the work with her saw…

Discover this production Stroh Project-Milord on stage on 5th April 2014 in Indre (44)

Perhaps we saw you there!