Song of the Horns


A musical and sensitive journey

Le Chant des Pavillons is a string trio (not really conventional) looking for vibrant get-togethers. The strolling musician trio is timeless and transcends all borders:
a Stroh-violin,
a Stroh-cello,
a Stroh-bass.

The result of this disconcerting concert is a moving mineral sound, a promise of liberty.
It is a musical jaunt as unpredictable and comical as sensitive and radiant/bright.


Claire-Noël Le Saulnier Stroh-bass/voice
Thomas Le Saulnier Stroh-cello
Samuel Tailliez Stroh-violin
Jerôme Bouvet stage director
Thomas Le Saulnier musical writing
Laurent Cadilhac instruments manufacturing
Alain Pignoux art of stringed instrument-making
Cécile Pelletier costumes
Claudia Nottale sensorial movement


Musée de la musique de l’Université de Musashino (Japon)
Cité de la musique – Musée de la musique (Paris)
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs du Mans
Laboratoire d’Acoustique de l’Université du Maine, UMR CNRS 6613
Olavi Linden (Linden Instruments)

Next to come

  • sam

    Le Chant des Pavillons

    Mes potes iront - Colombiers (86)
    Le Chant des Pavillons, octobre-2023

    19h - 7 rue des lavoirs à Colombiers




The sounds of the Pavillons have resonated during the “Ni vu, ni connu” Proms at the Museum of Music in Paris (75), at “Chalon dans la Rue”, at “Coup de Chauffe” in Cognac (16), at Cergy Soit!, in the streets of Avignon and elsewhere too…