Stroh Project


In 1900, at the time of the first audio recording trials, the telegraph engineer Augustus Stoh adapted the string instruments equipping them of a mechanical amplification system with a membrane and a horn instead of the sounding box.
A century later, La Fausse Compagnie starts manufacturing these instruments: the Stroh-violin, Stroh-cello and Stroh-bass.

Between 2011 and 2013, a musical performance made for public spaces starts taking shape: Song of the Horns.

 This show makes you want to travel in a soft, sensitive, poetic and offbeat world. This creation comes along with artistic encounters and scientific collaborations, which represent the early beginnings of the Stroh project: an initiative to gather artists, technicians and scientists together with a common desire to explore and resonate the Stroh instruments.

STROHLIFE : last news


Cornet de route #1 : New York (US) —april 2019

Cornet de route #1 : New York (US) —april 2019   ...
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Students of ENSIP take over the work of the ENSIM’s students

We had the opportunity and the pleasure to involve this year again a team of teachers-researchers and two students in the project with our instruments. While the first works of François ...
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Sylvain Lafortune, dancer-choreographer-teacher and…

Jérôme Bouvet told us about Sylvain Lafortune, this meeting was one of the first one that we imagined as part of the Stroh Project. That has now been allowed. In ...
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Well done Shaun Tan…

The illustration doesn’t need any comments, we are just very proud and happy to count Shaun Tan amongst our collaborators. All rights - Shaun Tan/La Fausse Compagnie If you want to receive ...
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Video of the Stroh project-Ogier #5, concert of the 2nd October 2014

Here is a video of this somewhat experimental meeting of artists. Wishing it luck for the future! ...
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Video : Stroh Project – LAUM #6 at the “Expressifs” Festival in Poitiers

Here is a look at this installation/meeting/performance about the story of sound recording. It gives you an idea of how we want to share this Stroh Project with multiple dimension with ...
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Visit of the Charles Cros Collection of the B.N.F. (French National Library)

It was with obvious emotion that we discovered the Charles Cros collection. This collection is focused on sound recording and its first range of machines. As soon as you enter the ...
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From the Paléo Festival to Lowlands

The Paléo Festival is situated in Nyon, Switzerland, beside Lake Geneva. Lowlands is situated in the Netherlands, in a land that emerged from the water very recently… These two festivals are ...
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Concert walk Ni vu, ni connu at Music Museum

The Music Museum in Paris organizes every season concert tours. It proposes to musicians to sound the instruments of its collection; visitors can hear from one room to the other ...
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